Sunday, August 3, 2014

Estate Sale: $4 Fabric

I decided to stop by an estate sale specifically because they mentioned they had fabric and I hoped I might find some interesting pieces. There were some larger cuts of fabric and some bags of scraps, and although I did my best to dig through the piles, I still ended up rather disappointed.

Overall, the fabric there just wasn’t my style. Most of the fabric was either too garish in color (e.g. fuchsia) or a terrible color for me (e.g. bright olive) or the patterns just didn’t speak to me. I was hoping for some interesting vintage patterns, and there were a few that felt like they were from the 1970s, but they were somewhat dingy in color or the pattern was a little too unrefined.

So I ended up with two fabrics for $2 each. I picked a red lining material because lining is one of those fabrics I’m never excited to buy. It tends to be a fabric I need rather than one I want (which is why I never seem to have lining material laying around when I need it—and then have to go to the fabric store just to buy lining material). A red lining would be good for either a red garment or a contrasting pop of color.

I did pick one patterned fabric; it was the only one I was actually drawn to (which is a bit odd since I’m not into floral prints). I think the blues in the flowers are quite lovely, and the fabric looks a bit more expensive because it has a slight sheen to it. To me it looks like a fabric from the 1960s. I can totally see Betty from Mad Men at a garden party in a dress made with this fabric. (I see her with a cocktail in one hand and passively aggressively saying comments to anyone she’s miffed at—and looking fabulous while doing it).

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