Monday, August 11, 2014

I Will Wear You Soon…

When I go thrift shopping, I mostly just hope I’ll stumble upon something (anything) that I’ll like. Recently I went thrift shopping and found three items (for a total of $21) that will be good to wear once the weather cools down.

First is a gray pair of wide-leg Bebe pants that have the weight of wool, but is really a blend. I like the way the pants drape—although the pant length is perhaps a bit long on me…

Next, I got a pair of thinly striped blue and white Banana Republic pants. They’re fairly lightweight, so best for cool but not cold weather; they feel more spring-like to me.

Finally, I found one of those ladylike blouses I seem to be drawn towards. It’s a long-sleeve Foxcraft blouse; I like the purple color and I like the pleated detail at the collar and sleeves.

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