Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fabric Estate Sale…Again

I think I just might have an estate sale shopping problem because even though I got a lot of fabric at the last estate sale I went to, I just bought more. When I saw that there was another fabric estate sale a part of me was excited and another part of me thought, “No, don’t do it! You already have way too much stuff.” I was on the fence on going, but I asked a friend if she wanted to go and she said “yes.” So I went.

I planned on being more discriminating this time because I already have so much fabric. This time it felt more relaxed; the store was smaller so there was less fabric to choose from and there seemed to be fewer people. And while there were some clothes, it wasn’t the massive selection of clothing as the previous estate sale; nothing looked interesting so I steer cleared of the clothing.

We got there about an hour after it opened, so maybe a lot of good fabric was already taken, but I still found four bolts of fabric that I wanted. Each bolt was $5 and I found neutrals (which I hadn’t found at the previous estate sale). I got a gray polyester rayon that feels pretty soft, black wool, white wool and a sheer white polyester with a crisscross pattern.

Then I got some notions that were 50 cents each. I got six 22-inch zippers; they had a lot of zippers in just about every color imaginable. I also got some sturdy eyes and hooks (which I needed). And I got buttons; they had a good amount of buttons and I tried to restrain myself. I got three sets of buttons: simple blue and navy, silver and frosted.

My grand total for everything was $27. Pretty cheap. Not as cheap as Sunday where everything was half off, but I just couldn’t go again. I’ve bought enough for a small lifetime.

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