Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Don’t Want to be Your Target Demographic

Not long ago when I bought something at a store, the cashier asked for my phone number. She just asked in a matter-of-fact manner, like it was no big deal, as if I would just willingly part with that bit of personal information. I blinked in surprised and answered a resounding, “No.” And she replied, “Okay,” and proceeded to finish my transaction. [Pause.] But I guess it works some of the time as the woman who checked out before me freely gave her phone number. (My only question is: Why would you do that?)

There is no reason that this store needed my phone number and I wasn’t going to give it to them just because they asked for it. It’s bad enough that some stores ask for your zip code when you check out (but at least that’s less invasive than your phone number). One time I was fool enough to give my email address to get my receipt (because I thought it might be nice to be “paperless”) and consequently got all this spam email about whatever they were selling. [Pause.] Lesson learned.

Quite frankly, I think all of it is quite unappealing. I don’t want to be your target demographic. I don’t care about your company having more precise information about those that buy your items so you can sell to them better. This is not my responsibility. Have a focus group if you want to learn more and leave me out of it. I have no desire to help you sell your products. Isn’t it enough that I’m buying something at your store? You’re making money so stop being so greedy with trying to get more out of me. It’s annoying…and it doesn’t make me want to shop at your store.

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