Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pattern Fabric and Sewing Patterns

I went to a thrift shop a while back and got some elastic, fabric and sewing patterns. While I sort of needed the elastic, the rest were all unnecessary purchases that came to a grand total of $16.50.

I got 1½ yards of the blue with white triangle fabric for $3. It feels like polyester (and not a particularly nice polyester). However, I like the pattern quite a bit.

This Japanese red fabric was the expensive purchase (and maybe I shouldn’t have got it…although it’s too late now). It was $10 and it’s a very narrow fabric that feels like polyester. Taking a closer look at the paper tag attached to it, it reads: raincoat. Truthfully, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this fabric.

Then my patterns. I know I don’t need more and I probably could have left without any, but for 25 cents each it’s hard for me to resist. I couldn’t find years on a couple of them, but I’ve ordered them by price (since the newer the pattern, the more it generally costs).

First up is a Simplicity jacket, skirt, blouse and pants pattern from 1967. None of the pieces seem particularly special; they’re all very basic pieces. But I do like the drawings of them.

Next up is a Vogue blouse pattern by Calvin Klein. They’re very simple blouses that look a bit looser than I would like in the photos. It’s a “very easy” pattern that may be worth trying out.

This is a Vogue skirt pattern by Perry Ellis. This pattern popped out at me and was the one pattern that I really wanted. Looking at the sketch of skirt B, it reminds me of a skirt from the early 1900s and has a high almost corset-looking waistband. I really like the photos of the skirt (although admittedly, the skirt’s so dark very little detail can be seen in it).

This Vogue dress pattern looked interesting me because of its use of directional lines.

Finally this La Fred pattern from 2005 I was on the fence on getting. I just like the angled pocket detail of the skirt.

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