Thursday, February 26, 2015

Three More Patterns

I refrained from getting too many patterns the last time I went thrift shopping. The selection wasn’t as wide as it often is, so I just picked up three patterns for $0.75.

The first pattern is from 1966 and has a skirt, pair of pants and jacket. I thought they were all cute classic pieces. And I love the drawings.

The second pattern is a dress from 1971. I like the simplicity of the silhouette; the high collar and long sleeves makes this pattern different than most of the dress patterns I have. While I like the option for a ribbon around the neck and waist area, I do not like it in the skirt portion that makes it look like you’re wearing an apron.

The third pattern I couldn’t find a date on, but it’s clearly from the 1980s. I like the pleated skirts and the skirt with godets. I have a few skirt patterns, but none like these so I thought it would be a nice pattern to have. To me, skirt patterns aren’t as exciting to look at (compared to dress patterns), but they’re more useful because I’m more likely to make a skirt than a dress. I find skirts are often more versatile, easier to fit and quicker to make than a dress.

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