Thursday, May 14, 2015

Estate Sale: Quilter Fabrics

I know. I just wrote about how I don’t need any more fabric…and I just bought more. [Sigh.] But it wasn’t planned; estate sales are rather luck of the draw, and I just happened to luck out on this one that was jam-packed with fabric. There were probably about ten tables, each stacked with fabric—just an amazing amount that one person accumulated over the course of a lifetime. The fabric was pretty much all meant for quilting, which isn’t the type of fabric I tend to buy since I like to make clothing.

That’s not to say that I haven’t made clothing with quilter fabrics, it’s just that the range of clothing items to be made seems narrower in scope to me—maybe a cute summer dress or skirt. So I felt less inclined to buy too much for myself; I bought most of the fabric for my mom since I thought she might be able to use them for projects.

The selection at the estate sale definitely skewed more towards the blues, greens and purples (which I tend to prefer). I got 18 fabrics of various lengths; yardage-wise it’s less impressive than the other fabric estate sales I’ve gone to (and got bolts and bolts of fabric), but variety-wise it’s definitely a wider range.

Initially I was on the fence on going to this estate sale because I didn’t need anything, but I rationalized my going by buying fabric for my mom. Since I bought most of the fabric as a gift, I won’t disclose the amount I spent—but obviously it was way less than buying new at a store. The first two photos are the fabrics I gave to her, while the last one are the ones I’m keeping. 

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