Thursday, May 28, 2015

Navy Pullover Dress

I wanted to sew something easy with very little effort on my part, so I chose this simple dress pattern from 1981. It’s just about the easiest dress I can make: a pullover dress with an elastic waistband.

Learning from my many previous mistakes, I measured the pattern first to see if there were any glaring size issues that might screw me over later. And I’m glad I did, because the top portion was going to be too long on me. My torso isn’t so long, so I always have to shorten dress patterns, and I did so before cutting out my material (this time).

For this dress, I chose a navy with white polyester fabric that I thought would drape well. Sewing this dress was a very smooth process. Although it was a new pattern for me, I didn’t run into any problems (as it was somewhat similar to the Comfy Gray Dress I made recently). Everything was pretty clear cut. I think if I really tried, I could have done finished this dress in a weekend, but instead I doled it out over two weekends.

I’m satisfied with the finished dress. It’s super simple and comfortable, and it’s my beloved navy color. The one negative thing is this pattern didn’t have pockets and I didn’t add them in, and I have to say: I miss pockets! If I make this dress again I think I’m going to add pockets because I love pockets.

To add a bit of interest to this basic dress, I used my thrifted navy and white belt that I bought recently. Because the belt is quite long, I tied it in a way that allows it to be fitted on my waist.

First, I used the belt normally, putting the end through the first and second loop.

The end of the belt is quite long, so I threaded it through the first loop again, and then tucked it underneath the belt.

Then I twisted the belt around so that the metal pieces are on my back. Done.

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