Thursday, June 4, 2015

Three Estate Sales

Over the weekend I went to three estate sales, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. The first estate sale was in the wealthy part of town and I hoped I’d find something interesting, but I instead I found it bland and overpriced and I ended up buying nothing.

The second estate sale I went to was in the country and it was much better; there was a broader array of items at fairly reasonable prices. I got a bag of buttons for $2.

And a bag of thread for $3.

I got a deck of Northwest Orient playing cards for 50 cents. I had never heard of Northwest Orient, but imagined they were an airline (which they were…many years ago). I thought the design was cute; the actual cards have the same design as on the box—and they’ve never been opened.

I also got a perforator for $1. I thought it was a useful tool that I could maybe use on a project

The third estate sale was in the suburbs, and I got a 32 inch wide by 2 yard long piece of black fabric for $1. It feels pretty nice and may be cotton.

Fabric in hand, I was ready to leave, but when I saw the line to checkout was super long, I decided not to stand in line. I went back to the fabric area to kill time and wait for the line to shorten. The woman, whose stuff we were buying, was really into quilting, crocheting and cross-stitching, so there were many pieces to look at.

I can appreciate the time and effort it takes to create these handmade items, even if they may not be my style (which many weren’t). On a whim I decided to get some crochet pieces that perhaps I can use somehow someday.

I got two smaller circular pieces for 50 cents each.

And one larger circular piece that I think is quite beautiful for $1. My grand total for everything was $9.50.

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