Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thrifted for $5.74

Recently, I got a few random thrifted items. I got this thermometer at an estate sale for $1. I thought it was really cute and liked the happy yellow color.

The serving fork, meat thermometer and measuring spoons I got at one thrift shop for a grand total of 50 cents.

I got this gray belt at another thrift shop for $1.49. I really like the braided gray elastic material—it’s awesome. It stretches to fit your waist and you can put the prong through any part of the belt.

At another thrift store I bought 1.375 yards of black and white fabric for $2.75. It’s a thicker fabric (perhaps meant for upholstery); I liked the graphic nature of it. It was rolled up and I didn’t take the time to unroll it because I was in a time crunch. When I opened at home, I saw there were some stains—which totally sucked. But I’m hoping I can just use sections of the fabric to make something.

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