Thursday, July 16, 2015

Northwest Airline Sweater

I generally avoid wearing brand logos (at least in a blatant way). Sometimes it may be unavoidable, but I don’t buy shirts with giant logos plastered on the front. People can wear whatever they want, but I’ve always thought it was silly to pay more for an item merely because it has a logo on it. Because not only are you spending more, you’re giving the company free advertising—it’s great for the company, not so great for the consumer.

That being said, I recently bought a sweater (with a tastefully sized logo) for $4 at a thrift shop. I recognized the logo, Northwest Airlines (an airlines that no longer exists). Based on this logo (which looks way better with a capital “N” than when they changed it to lowercase “nwa”), this sweater is probably from the 1990s. It’s actually pretty comfortable and is a 70% acrylic 30% wool blend. The fit of the sweater is a little odd; I like the top portion and not so crazy about the bottom portion. But my favorite part is the red logo on the navy sweater—it’s pretty cute.

This is an instance where I would wear a logo because the company no longer exists, so I’m not promoting anything. I find it amusing that I would be wearing a part of someone’s uniform; others had to wear this for work and I would be choosing to wear it.

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