Tuesday, September 8, 2015

1970s Wrap Dress

I finally finished my 1970s wrap dress; it took a while because I sewed sporadically over a few weekends. After measuring the pattern pieces, I altered it (in length and width) and managed to squeeze the pattern pieces onto my barely large enough piece of fabric. Because the position of the pattern pieces on the fabric was straight, I thought this fabric would work well because of the pattern’s vertical orientation.

I decided not to do the keyhole detail and pocket because I didn’t really like it. I also did a quick narrow hem on the dress because I didn’t want the length of the skirt to be any shorter. (I’d already shortened the length of the skirt when I cut it out because I was about 1/8 yard shy of the fabric requirements.)

The dress itself wasn’t difficult to sew. In fact, I didn’t have any trouble with it at all. The biggest hurdle was realizing that I didn’t have any half-inch double-fold bias tape in navy, and instead of buying it, I decided to make-do with the quarter-inch double-fold navy bias tape that I happened to have on hand.

It’s a pretty comfortable and lightweight cotton dress to wear—perfect for summer (although its days are already numbered). I prefer to knot the tie ends in the back rather than a bow in the front. It’s a simple dress and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

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