Thursday, September 17, 2015

I’m Not Going to a Funeral…I Just Like Black

When I go to a thrift shop, I generally don’t have anything specific in mind to buy. I may be keeping an eye out for a pair of jeans or a jacket, but I’m not on a mission of desperation for that one item. I just like seeing whatever’s on the racks and maybe I’ll come across something interesting.

Although there’s a wide array of colors to choose from, I often end up with black garments. I suppose it’s not terribly surprising since black is probably the most popular color for clothing, thus there are just more black garments to choose from. I found two black pieces at two different thrift shops.

The first is a black wool and angora Yarnworks sweater—which is quite warm. It has scallop edging along the collar and some beadwork. It clearly has some decades on it (as there are shoulder pads). I like that it’s a little looser in the bodice but tighter at wrists and waist. This is one of those items that I nearly feel on the fence about, because it could lean frumpy—but in the end I think it’s how you put everything together that makes an outfit work or not. It’s a comfortable sweater and I think it works well with a pair of jeans. I bought it for $9.99.

The second item I got was a pair of black pants from White House Black Market. They’re in a tuxedo style with satin at the waistline, and there’s an additional satin detail on the slits on the side. These pants were $5—a pretty good deal.

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