Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thrifted for $9

I bought this simple white Noritake mug.

My favorite part is the bottom that has the logo and information—I love the type. 

I got this set of four Stegorcraft spoons that I thought were really cute.

I also got this ¼ teaspoon—I looked for other sizes, but only found this one. I liked the long handle.

Then I got two 2 quart Cuisinart pots for $3 each.

I was going through the items in my basket to make sure I wanted everything before checking out, when I decided to return one item. Instead of being lazy and just sticking the item in the wrong place, I went across the store to return it to its correct location. As I was making my way towards the checkout area, I noticed something on the ground—a wood inbox tray. I picked it up and knew I wanted it. I immediately thought I could take it to work and replace the black plastic inbox tray (that my workplace provided me) with this awesome wood and metal inbox. I happily spent $2 for it (it was my favorite purchase of the day).

Everyone seemed to notice my new inbox at work (I suppose it’s pretty hard to miss—its two tiers makes it fairly tall). I really love it. It’s something that’s always in my sightline, and I find it much prettier to look at then my old inbox.

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