Thursday, October 15, 2015

$6 at an Estate Sale

I went to an estate sale where everything was 50% off. I immediately zeroed in on the fabric; there were large containers of fabric and bundles of fabric for $2.50. There was so much there and everything was so cheap—it was a bit overwhelming. Considering the shear volume that was there, I didn’t get that much.

I got a total of 7 fabrics; white lining, twill and canvas fabrics, and I also got this dark red heavier fabric.

Then I got a bag of skirts and pants (which is why they’re so wrinkled). On the left is a blue and green plaid Pendleton wool skirt. On the right is a blue and green plaid Talbots wool skirt. Both of these skirts fit me pretty well.

On the left is a green Pendleton wool skirt—that’s a little tight. And on the right is a white with a red and black plaid pattern—that’s rather loose.

There were also three pairs of elastic waistband pants that are baggy in the hips and tapered—not the best look on me (or anyone else), so I’ll be donating them to a thrift shop.

I also got this glass jar that I thought was cute.

And I bought another tape measure (that I don’t need but I thought was nice—it has a lock position, which is convenient).

And I got a wooden box. I feel like I made out like a bandit at this estate sale.

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