Sunday, October 18, 2015

Three Vintage Sewing Patterns

My friend went to an estate sale and picked up some vintage sewing patterns and gave me three of them (which was so nice of her).

First up is a jacket and skirt pattern from 1956. I love that the older patterns often show more information than newer patterns; these directions show how to adjust the pattern for your measurements.

Next is a dress pattern from 1959 with a cute collar and buttons down the back. Of the three patterns, this is definitely the one I would like to make—it looks fairly simple.

I like that this dress pattern shows you pattern markings and also shows placement on the body and sewing directions. It gives a really nice overall picture of what how the garment will be put together.

Finally is this dress pattern from 1954 that looks complicated. It’s a fairly fancy dress…that I don’t think I’m capable of making. But it’s pretty.

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