Monday, November 2, 2015

Simple Purple Blouse

A while back I got this vintage blouse pattern that looked simple to make. Since this blouse has seams down the front and back (and therefore didn’t require a wide piece of fabric), I thought a narrow piece of purple fabric that I bought at a thrift store would work perfectly.

After measuring the pattern, I thought it would fit me as-is and thus left it unaltered. I sewed it sporadically over a couple of weekends and didn’t run into any problems.

My favorite part of this blouse is the color. However, the fit of the blouse isn’t quite what I would like. I find it a bit loose in the bodice (I didn’t put the darts in because I thought it would be too tight…maybe that was a mistake). But the biggest issue I have is that the sleeves feel tight. Looking at the pattern drawing, the sleeves do seem to be more form fitting, but I don’t like it. It feels a bit constraining. So if I use this pattern again, I’ll have to make some changes.

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