Monday, December 28, 2015

Five More Sewing Patterns

I just can’t resist sewing patterns…I got five more for a total of $1.25. The first one is a reprint of a 1945 dress and jacket. I think the dress is quite interesting; I like the simple front and the more detailed back.

This robe pattern looks like it’s from the 1960s. It’s my only robe pattern so far. I never considered myself much of a robe person, but ever since I bought a purple robe at an estate sale, I realized I rather liked them. So I may make my own robe one of these days.

This is a 1979 bridal/bridesmaid gown pattern. The dresses are simple enough that they don’t necessarily read “bridal” to me. I think these are cute dresses, and I like the long length of the skirt; it would be a fun dress to wear. 

This dress looks like it’s from the 1980s. I think it’s a nice and simple dress that’s very versatile.

The last pattern I bought is probably from the 1980s and is a skirt and culottes combo. I bought it because I thought culottes could be interesting to make. Ever since I bought a pair of culottes at an estate sale, I realized how much I liked them because I don’t have to worry about pant length (since most of the pants I own require me to wear heels so I’m not stepping on the fabric and I don’t often want to wear heels).

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