Sunday, December 6, 2015

Vintage Binder Ads

The person who saved all these articles (in the vintage binder I got), inadvertently saved ads, as they were on the backs or sides of the articles she was saving. Ads are intriguing to me because they reflect the society of the time. Since these articles came from women’s magazines, the ads were of course, targeting women. There were many beauty, personal hygiene, household and food item ads, but there were also tons of cigarette ads.

This is the only cigarette ad that I cared to show since most of them were 1970s people being “cool.” I really like the simple graphic nature of this black and white ad.

Blistex ads—I like the packaging with the cute font (which is way cuter than it currently is).

Two honey ads.

I thought the dog in the doggie treat as was pretty adorable. The nail ad has a good headline to catch the eye.

Gum ad that I thought was interesting.

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