Thursday, January 28, 2016

$5.50 at an Estate Sale

I got a few things at an estate sale. First up, a vintage Bingo game for $2.

There were actually two sets of cards and wooden numbers inside. I would like to do a project with these items…at some point in time.

Next, I got a black leather belt that has a braided elastic section in the back for $2.50. I was in desperate need of a black belt as my old one (that I’ve had for at least ten years) is about to break in half…literally.

Finally, I got a set of four little container boxes that are shaped as books for $1.

Annoyingly, the price stickers were placed on the front, so when I peeled them off, it took off some of the ink. The brilliant thing to do would have to put those price stickers on the back as it was blank…but sometimes people just aren’t that brilliant. [Sigh.].

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