Thursday, January 7, 2016

Duly Noted Notepad

This holiday season, I made this notebook for my coworkers. I almost didn’t do anything as the holidays just sort of snuck up on me and suddenly I had little time left. I was ready to resign myself to doing nothing, when I had a burst of inspiration to create a notepad that was fairly simple in design and doable in my short time frame.

Things are constantly being reworked, edited and overhauled in advertising. I feel it all the time as a designer; “It’s great, but…” and then a list of things I need to change. It’s normal. Coworkers and clients look at something and want edits, then see those edits and want more edits. It’s a long ongoing process.

Thus, I thought this notepad would amuse my coworkers since they probably receive at least one of these suggestions daily. On the back I chose a quote that I felt was appropriate.

I also I created a bellyband for my holiday message. It has been “proofed” in red, and these changes should improve the copy.

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