Thursday, February 4, 2016

$19.50 at an Estate Sale

Usually, at an estate sale, I like to go around the house a couple of times. The first time around, I take a broader look to see if anything catches my eye. The second (or third) time, I generally spend more time looking through things and see items I didn’t notice before.

I think I’d gone around the house a couple of times before I saw this set of three white Fire King mixing bowls in the kitchen cabinet. Maybe they hadn’t been there before or perhaps I just hadn’t noticed them. But I liked the external swirl pattern and they looked like they were in pretty good condition. I got them for $15. When I looked it up later, they seem to be from the 1950s, although initially a set of four bowls. 

I also got three small glass bowls for 50 cents each.

And I bought an umbrella for $3. I’ve had my old cheap umbrella for years, but I noticed the other day that it’s starting to fall apart, so I was glad to get a new umbrella.

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