Thursday, March 3, 2016

Things I Didn’t Buy 5

Here are some children-related items I thought were interesting (although never had any intention of buying). First up is this sad little one-eyed stuffed animal that could be the Japanese TV mascot Domo.

This caught my eye because I remember the Care Bears. I don’t recall much of the actual plot from the Care Bears, but I’m pretty sure this cartoon did not stand the test of time, and if I were to watch it now I would be bored to tears. But nonetheless, I was intrigued by this 1980s toy.

This nested Care Bears toy perplexed me. They’re set up like Russian nesting dolls, where there’s a smaller shape inside of a smaller shape. The part that I thought was poorly thought out was the fact that they’re shaped like Russian nesting dolls, with the slightly curvy womanly shape, but instead of making each shape into a bear (which would totally work with their little potbellies), they put a scene on it. That’s not fun at all; they feel less like dolls and more like containers.

I thought the design on this Bible Game was interesting—very 1960s.

Finally, this TarePanda was fairly large and in good condition. It’s pretty cute…but totally unnecessary.

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