Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ann Taylor Jacket

My friend gave me this Ann Taylor short trench jacket. She had bought it at an estate sale a year ago and hadn’t really worn it (and didn’t think she would wear it in the future), so I was glad to take it off her hands. I haven’t had a tan jacket in a while (not since I accidentally got Indian food on the last one…which was incredibly sad).

At first I wasn’t too sure about this jacket, mostly because of the tie. Sometimes ties seem kind of clunky to me. If I tie it in a bow, then it may look too girly or take up too much space. I thought about tying it so there was one looped that showed, but it was taking too much effort for me. And just knotting it left two long tie ends that looked really awkward. So I decided to wrap the tie around me twice so I could give it a small knot. I liked this best so I didn’t have the floppy tie ends getting in my way.

In general, I have more difficulty with tans and browns because depending on the hue, it can look terrible with my skin tone. But I like this tan color; it’s a good neutral. And I like that this jacket has pockets. It should be a great jacket to wear as the weather becomes warmer.

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