Thursday, June 23, 2016

$24 at an Estate Sale

I spent a bit more than usual at this estate sale. I bought this blue rectangular Japanese ceramic piece that I thought I could use to put herbs in. (I don’t currently have any herbs planted, but I have thought that I ought to start…).

I bought it for $6. I really love the blue glaze on it.

I got these two containers for loose leaf tea for $1 each.

I also bought these two ceramic tea cups for $3 each. I like blue glaze on them and they’re very comfortable to hold.

I got this strainer and bowl for $8. Honestly, I was on the fence on getting this since the price seemed a bit steep to me, but I decided I could actually use it so I bought it.

I got these three decks of (never-been-used) cards from Airlines for 50 cents each.

And finally, I bought this Japanese cracker tin for 50 cents. It’s quite large, about 10 inches wide by 13.5 inches tall. I liked the design on it.

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