Sunday, June 12, 2016

Revamped: Dress to Skirt

I got this dress a while back from a thrift store. The dress was a bit large on me, so I thought the easiest thing to do was to alter it into a skirt.

I cut the dress under its elastic waistband, and cut off a section of fabric to create the waistband. I undid part of the side seam and put in a zipper. This was done not as cleanly as I would have liked. The seam allowance was only at about a quarter inch, so I didn’t sew through all the fabric when I put in the zipper. So I hand sewed the fabric that didn’t catch, which made it rather sloppy. But I was just too lazy to redo it. I gathered the top of the skirt and then sewed the waistband to it.

Overall, it didn’t take as long as starting from scratch, but isn’t something I feel super excited about. It’s a fine skirt, wearable, but not something I love.

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