Thursday, August 11, 2016

$16 at an Estate Sale

At an estate sale, I got this record book for $3. I have no need for it, but I think it’s awesome. I love the cover. It’s unused, except for the first page that was torn out.

The owner of the home was a weaver, so there was a loom and lots of yarn and supplies at this estate sale. There was a box of woven “scraps” that were varying sizes that were really interesting to look at. I didn’t need it but I bought this scrap for $3. I just loved the color. I have no idea what to do with it.

I also bought this green and white blanket for $8. I’m guessing the owner had made this blanket…there’s no tag on it. It has a little bit of sun damage, and truthfully green isn’t my favorite color, but I like the pattern.

And finally, I bought this travel book that I thought was super cute for $2. I like the simple cover with the interesting type. It’s broken into sections. The first part has information about the U.S. and traveling and general tips. There’s a large section to log your travels.

It has things that we wouldn’t use now, like the information of the ship you traveled on, or a place to list all the people you’ve written letters to.

It also has maps in it, which are cool.

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