Sunday, August 28, 2016

Simple Red Dress

I wanted to sew something easy, so I picked this dress pattern. I decided on creating the shorter version of the pattern, but it still required a good amount of fabric. Looking over my fabric stash, I chose a red textured fabric that I had bought a long time ago. It wasn’t a fabric I loved, so I thought it would be a good test for sewing this pattern for the first time.

I tried to alter the pattern beforehand because I thought my measurements didn’t quite coincide with the envelope sizing. However, I tend to like my garments to have less ease than the envelope sizing, so in the end, I had to undo that pattern alteration because the garment was looser than I wanted. So that added some unnecessary time to my sewing.

Other than that, sewing this dress was fairly quick as there weren’t any complicated sewing steps. In the end, I quite liked my dress. I wanted a red dress (but I never seem to find one I like when I’m thrift shopping), so it was nice to make something that I wanted. I like the simple cut of this dress—which makes it quite versatile.

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