Sunday, August 14, 2016

Thrifted for $23.50

I went thrift shopping and the clothes happened to be half off (which was awesome), and I bought quite a few items. This velvet and gold purse is so cute. If I don’t use it as a purse, I’m sure I could use it as a box. I bought it for $4.

This Stuart Weitzman gold purse is so cute; it’s simple with an interesting shape. I got it for $4.

I got this black Cynthia Rowley dress for $3.

I also got burgundy and black versions of the same Petite Sophisticate sweater for $2 each. I like the knit detail around the collar, and thought that both of these would work well with skirts.

This White House Black Market dress has removable straps, but I don’t like these types of straps, and I don’t wear strapless dresses. That being said, I loved the skirt portion of the dress with the black embroidery—it’s floral without being too girly. So I bought this dress for $3.50 with the intention of making it into a skirt.

I bought a white pair of Ann Taylor Loft capris for $3. I was pretty happy with this purchase, as I wanted more summery clothing. I also got a black Ann Taylor Loft T-shirt (not pictured) for $2. I’m always less inspired to buy T-shirts since they’re so plain. However, I was glad to buy this one not only because I needed it, but also because the T-shirt was made of thicker material that made wearing a camisole underneath unnecessary. I cannot tell you how annoyed I am by the thin fabrics women’s T-shirts are made of, and how often I am bitterly disappointed by T-shirts that are abysmally low in quality and ill-fitting. You’d think getting something basic like a T-shirt would be easy, but it’s not. [Sigh.]

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