Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thrifted for $3.01

I bought two clothing items for a total of $3.01. First is this awesome aqua blue wool sweater. I love it. It’s so 1960s to me. It had some damage to it that I probably spent about an hour fixing. First, it had some small stains on the front and on both of the sleeves. I used some dishwashing soap and worked the soap into the problem areas by hand. Eventually, the stains came out (although this photo is from before I got the stain out). I have no idea if I damaged the sweater at all, but at least it looks better. I also noticed the neckline had a section that was fraying, so I used some thread to close the edge.

The second item I got was this Australia hoodie. I just liked it. It’s comfortable and cozy. 

And a coworker gave me this vintage tape measure that he thought I would like—so cute!

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