Sunday, September 4, 2016

Thrifted for $16

I got this black Banana Republic top for $8. I really like the detail around the neckline and the peplum. The back has a gold zipper that goes most of the way down. It’s a really cute top.

And I bought this totally 1980s sweater for $4. I liked the general shape of it and thought it was interesting. Truthfully, I was on the fence about it (as I’m not really crazy about the color pink nor the fuzziness of the yarn), but my friends thought I should get it, and $4 wasn’t much to spend. My guess is that this sweater is handmade just by looking at the inside of the garment and the fact that there’s no tag.

I also got this plaid H&M shirt for $2. It’s lightweight and comfortable.

Finally, got this striped Daniel Hechter top for $2. I often see striped shirts in stores and think they’re cute, but I never like them when I try them on because it just doesn’t feel like me. The stripes often make me feel dizzy and the pattern is just too bold for me. But I really liked this striped top that has thin stripes that lack a huge color contrast—so it’s a more subtle statement.

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