Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thrifted for $12.48

I got this cute teacup with a lid and strainer for $2.99. It looked like it was a handmade ceramic piece, and while I initially wasn’t all that excited about the ornate handle, it actually felt quite comfortable in my hand.

This is the strainer part. However, I accidently dropped this teacup, and the strainer was the most delicate part and it broke. Yes, that was stupid. I’ve convinced myself that I was unlikely to actually use the strainer part for loose-leaf tea anyway.

I also got this strainer for $3.99.

And this whisk for 50 cents.

And finally, I got this light-weight black skirt for $5. It has two layers of fabric and slits on both sides. This looks undoubtedly from the 1990s to me. I’ve been wanting a 90s skirt—this wasn’t quite what I had in mind but I like it quite a bit.

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