Thursday, March 16, 2017

Singer Sewing Machine

My uncle and aunt generously gifted me this portable vintage Singer sewing machine that appears to be in really good condition. They know I sew and would appreciate this lovely machine.

The machine itself is gorgeous. It looks to be a later model—from the 1950s. I love the lines of the machine, the simple and classic coloring, and the ornate scrolling design. [Pause.] Good design makes me smile.

And I love the wood case it comes with—it doesn’t make it lightweight, but it is sturdy. And it’s sooooo pretty.

It also has a lot of pieces with it. Different feet and bobbins. It looks quite complete. I have yet to try it out; I need to do some reading and watch some online videos to feel comfortable before I start sewing. But I look forward to testing it. I have a pair of jeans that I’ve been wanting to hem for quite some time now; I’ve avoided it since I didn’t think my current sewing machine could take the thick fabric. But I think this Singer machine is strong enough to do it. This was a very nice (and useful) gift.

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