Thursday, August 31, 2017

Words and Ideas

I bought this old textbook from 1960 for a quarter. I’m not sure what a helicopter has to do with the English language, but those two teenagers on the cover are obviously fascinated by it—taking a moment to stare at it before going to the post office to mail letters.

The illustrations are pretty nice.

I skimmed parts of the textbook and appreciated how simple it is to read.

The part of this textbook I find most interesting is how it incorporates the social aspects of language—like manners…and making friends. Here’s a how-to guide of being a pleasant human being while conversing.

And here are pointers on how to give and take criticism. [Pause.] I don’t think I was ever taught this in school…although to be honest, I think many people stand to learn a few of these tips.

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