Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thrifted for $6.69

I got these two tops at a thrift shop—they were on sale and together they were $3.50. I loved the color of this purple Ann Taylor Loft blouse. I liked the details on this top and the bit of texture of the fabric. I think it will be a nice light blouse for warmer weather.

I also got this navy Ann Taylor top. It's a simple jersey top. The most interesting part is the back that has a gold zipper that goes a third the way down the back.

At another thrift store I got a mason jar, three small bowls and two tops for $3.19. I thought this mason jar was cute.

Three more Pyrex small glass bowls. They match some bowls I bought previously.

This black and white top was interesting to me—it's kind of retro. I'm not sure when it's from, judging by the sizing, maybe a couple decades back.

Finally, I got this navy Banana Republic anchor sleeveless top. I liked the pattern and the detail around the collar.

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