Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thrifted for $11.25

I got this brand new (tags still on it) H&M button down white shirt for $4. It’s not the most exciting shirt, but it’s a good basic to have.

I do not need more boxes…at all. But they are my weakness. My kryptonite. I got these two slide boxes that feel very 1970s to me.

The large one was $2. It has two levels to it.

The small slide box was $1.50.

I got four silver tins for $1. I thought I could use them for gift boxes if I couldn’t find a reason to use them for myself.

I got a Cuisinart frying pan for $2.

I bought Janet Jackson’s Design of a Decade cd for 25 cents. It had some songs I was missing—like “Nasty” and “What have you done for me lately?”

And I got the My Fair Lady soundtrack for 50 cents. I really like the music—it’s fun and has good lyrics.

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