Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thrifted for $15.25

I got more cds—seven for $1.75. I got Brittney Spears’ Britney, Mariah Carey’s Emotions, Kelly Clarkson’s Thankful and Fiona Apple’s Tidal.

And I got some movie soundtracks, The King and I, My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Full Monty.

I also bought a black square frame for $1. One thing I should have checked before buying this was making sure the photo in it could be removed easily. The previous owner had the genius idea of gluing the photo to the glass. So after I ripped out the photo, I had to painfully remove the torn photo from the glass with water and Goo Gone. I hadn’t finished doing that when I took this photo, which is why there is not glass there.

And then I got pants. [Pause.] I hate buying pants. It’s difficult to find pants that you like and that fit properly. There are just more measurements to deal with—pants need to fit in the waist and hips and length. The length is less of a problem with skinny pants because they can just bunch up at the ankle. But other styles of pants, like boot cut or wide-leg, length definitely becomes an issue if it’s too long and needs to be hemmed.

However, with fall was around the corner, I made the effort to find and buy pants. And I succeeded. [Yay!] I found three pairs of pants. The first is a pair of black J Brand skinny pants that I got for $4.50. It has a slightly “rocker” feel to them as there are zippers on the sides, and the seaming around the knee reminds me a bit of motorcycle pants. The fabric is also a bit shiny, and I didn’t realize it until after I bought it that it’s “dry clean only”—which of course I wasn’t going to do. I hand washed them and air dried them, and they were fine.

And I got gray Not Your Daughter Jeans for $3.

Finally, I bought these Banana Republic olive green pants for $5. Sometimes there’s a tag that tells you when something was made, which is kind of interesting to check. This one says 04/Fall. So these are some 14 year old pants and still in pretty good condition.

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